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Advantages of accounting outsourcing over an in-house accountant: an overview of the advantages of remote accounting


Outsourcing or in-house accountant - this is the choice facing both newcomers to business and entrepreneurs who have already burned their fingers and are looking for a replacement for the one who got them wrong. 

We have prepared a comparison of the options according to the main criteria - we hope it will help you to make a weighted decision. 

What makes a remote accountant better than a full-time (in-house) one?

We collected the main advantages of accounting outsourcing over an in-house accountant in the table for easy reference to compare them.


In-house accountant

In-house accountant (as in the case of Jara Accounting)

The cost of accountancy

On average GEL 1500 per month. This is the salary of the specialist, as well as taxes and contributions to the pension fund (461.55), which you will pay for him/her.

From GEL 350 per month for individual entrepreneurs, and from GEL 650 per month for LLCs. 

Responsibility for mistakes

Absent. You will have to pay fines and penalties. You can bring the employee to compensate for expenses only through the court, but in most cases, entrepreneurs are denied such claims. 

We insure each client for USD 65,000 and we are responsible for the possible consequences of our employees' mistakes to the extent of this amount.

Workplace lease

Approximately GEL 500 per month  

Is not necessary 

Payment for accounting software licence

GEL 1080 annually  

GEL 875 annually 

Payment for EDF system 

GEL 485 annually  

Is not necessary

Paying for an accounting licence



Payment for certification courses 

An accountant may or may not upgrade his/her qualifications. Most likely you will have to pay for it. 

Our specialists are constantly studying, following the changes in the legislation, and have an independent certification once a quarter. You shall not pay for it. 

Who will substitute an accountant during vacation or absence due to illness 

An assistant, if any. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the accountant’s return. 

An assistant, if any. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the accountant’s return.

Who is responsible for meeting the reporting deadlines?


An employee. You can rely on his/her responsibility or personally supervise the execution of tasks  

Client manager and specialised software

How many tasks can be assigned?

As many as you want, but they will be performed in their order, taking into account the priority. Anything that is not critical in the reporting periods will be kept for later.

As many as you like and all of them will be performed in parallel. With us, you get a team of three accountants at your disposal: for payroll, taxes, and supporting documents. 


As you can see, a remote accountant is better than an in-house accountant by many criteria: 

  • Costs less. 
  • Is financially responsible for mistakes. 
  • He/she can be replaced by a specialist with a similar profile and qualifications.  
  • You don't have to supervise the delivery of reports and other tasks - there is a client manager for this.
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