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Tax declaration submission in Georgia

Submitting tax declarations is mandatory for all Georgian entrepreneurs - it helps the government to maintain records of all companies' revenue and tax preferences that apply to them depending on their legal entity form. If you want to be certain that your declaration is filled out correctly and no fines will be imposed, employ the services of Jara Accounting.

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Declaring taxes in Georgia is in many ways similar to the identical process in other countries:

Tax declaration submission
All legal entities are required to report and pay taxes by filing tax declarations.
Types of taxes
Declarations are submitted for all types of taxes: profit tax - 15%, dividend tax - 5%, personal income (salary) tax - 20%, VAT - 18%, import tax - 0-12%, tax at source - 10-15%, property tax - 1%, and others.
Submission deadlines
Declaration submission deadlines depend on the company's legal entity form and tax system. Small business individual entrepreneurs and LLCs report on taxes monthly, while individual entrepreneurs with a 20% tax burden can file the profit tax declaration once a year.
Tax based on the declaration
Tax based on the declaration is paid up to and including the 15th day of the month following the reporting month to the settlement account of the tax office in the local currency - GEL.
## Declaring taxes in Georgia Jara Accounting experts will help you fill out your tax declaration in Georgia. We take responsibility for the preparation and timely submission of tax declarations and VAT refunds, guaranteeing that your data will be filed correctly.

Tax declaration details:

Declaration type
All declarations are submitted electronically via the taxpayer account on the portal.
Declaration language
Declarations are filled out and submitted in Georgian. An English version is available in the taxpayer account, but so far, it hasn't been finalized.
Declaration amendment
The Georgian Revenue Service allows to amend declarations after they're submitted.
Pension contributions
Pension contributions declarations are submitted separately on the Pension Agency's website, which is important to know if you're paying salaries or purchasing services from Georgian nationals.
Fines and penalties
The fine for failing to submit a declaration for LLCs is 100 GEL per declaration. We strongly recommend our clients to file a zero declaration with our help if there is not enough information about the company's fund flow and amend it later.
Tax declaration details:
## VAT declaration in Georgia Declaring VAT is a labor-intensive process requiring highly competent specialists. Jara Accounting employees can not only compare the incoming and outgoing taxes but also apply and, if necessary, request invoices from suppliers. You won't have to spend time studying Georgian laws and file a declaration personally - we'll do the hard work for you.

Declaration submission cost

Declaration submission
We take responsibility for the preparation and timely submission of tax declarations and VAT refunds, guaranteeing that your data will be filed correctly.
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