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Payments administration

Our specialists can process all of your payments in unlimited quantities and immediately generate fund flow statements based on electronic accounting of transactions.

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If you'd like to relieve yourself of the tasks associated with issuing and paying invoices, we offer the service of processing and entering your payments into an online bank. All you need to do is give us the payment invoice and then sign the transfer in the online bank - no extra actions required. Your personal accountant will handle the search for a counterparty, enter the data, and check the amount and the tax.

The process consists of three stages:

Stage one
You send an invoice for payment to a special email address.
Stage two
The accountant enters all details in the online bank, checks the correctness and status of the recipient, and, if necessary - in case you're paying an individual, for example - creates an additional payment for the tax, also online.
Stage three
You sign the payment receipt for the online bank right on your phone, and it's done: the counterparty's been paid and the business is working at the pace you want.
The process consists of three stages:

Payments administration cost

We'll process your payments and deposit them into an online bank. All you have to do is sign the transfer online.
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Testimonials from our customers

Testimonials from our customers