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Opening bank account in Georgia

To conduct full-scale financial activities in Georgia, both individuals and legal entities need a bank account. A local account makes it much more convenient for foreign citizens to pay for purchases and make money transfers.

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Companies with an account in a Georgian bank gain access to the necessary working tools – internet banking, acquiring, business cards. One of the key features of Georgia's banking policy is that the state is not a participant in the global automatic information exchange system CRS, which provides regulatory authorities with full tax details of a particular entity upon request. This offers entrepreneurs and businessmen an additional opportunity to protect their assets. These factors together make the investment climate in Georgia even more attractive.

Non-residents of the country can open an account in a Georgian bank remotely in an expedited manner. First and foremost, you need to decide in which bank you want to open a current account.

Choose a bank

TBC Bank
TBC Bank is a leader in the Georgian banking system. It provides a full range of premium retail banking services. The cost of these services is significantly lower than in banks in the European Union and CIS countries. TBC Bank’s assets amount to $9.7 billion, and its total share in the Georgian banking system reaches 39.5%. TBC Bank is the most convenient and loyal bank for foreigners. You can open an account in just an hour. In addition, TBC offers quite a lot of diverse remote ways to access the account – mobile banking, internet banking, SMS banking, and payment cards from Visa and MasterCard. All this allows you to easily manage your finances regardless of your location.
Bank of Georgia
Bank of Georgia ranks second. Its assets have reached $9.6 billion, and its income reaches 343 million lari, which is only 2% less than TBC Bank’s contribution to total profit. It is the most developed and populous bank in Georgia, as the number of users exceeds that of TBC Bank and totals 2.6 million users. The company has more than 300 branches across the territory of the state.
Credo Bank
Credo Bank is one of the most responsive banks in the country, opening accounts for foreign citizens. Credo Bank’s assets amount to $758 million. In 2022, the bank opened two specialized branches for foreign citizens in Tbilisi. It became popular thanks to the simplified account opening procedure.
Choose a bank

Liberty Bank, BasisBank, ‎Cartu Bank, ProCredit Bank, Silk Road Bank, Ziraat Bank, Isbank Georgia, Terabank, Halyk Bank Georgia, Pasha Bank Georgia have approximately equal conditions for opening accounts for non-residents and practically do not differ from the main ones.

All banks in Georgia pay attention to the activities of non-residents due to supervision by the National Bank. Suspicious operations are subject to additional scrutiny.

Preparation of documents

If you decide to open an account for your company and are not a resident of Georgia, then you will need to provide:

  • a foreign passport;
  • a Georgian SIM card;
  • bank statements for six months (at least for 3 months to show turnover);
  • documents confirming the origin of the funds;

When opening an account for a legal entity, the following documents will need to be added to the current package:

  • Extract from the registry of legal entities of Georgia;
  • Information about the ultimate beneficiaries of the company;
  • Other documents upon individual request by the bank (for example, an office lease agreement, etc.).

Opportunities provided by the banks of Georgia

Ability to use a modern and convenient system – online banking
Issue of your own corporate bank card
The ability to sign payments via the Digipass app
Instant international money transfers
Deposit any amount with a favorable interest rate
Opportunities provided by the banks of Georgia

Even if you are in another country, it will be quite easy for you to manage the finances of your Georgian company and withdraw cash. Don’t forget about the need for reporting and submitting declarations, with which we can help you.

Our company will help you decide on the choice of a bank and a current account for personal and commercial use. Contact us, and we will prepare the best offer for you within a few hours.

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