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Company registration support

The specialists at Jara Accounting provide comprehensive services for the registration of LLCs and JSCs in Georgia. We will prepare the necessary documents, translate and certify them for the House of Justice. Our company lawyer will accompany you to the House of Justice for registration actions, act as a translator, and pay the required state fees.

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Process of LLC registration in Georgia

We support you at all stages of company registration, starting with a consultation on choosing the most suitable type of company and suggesting a name. We also help select a legal address, which can be either local or virtual, and assist in opening a bank account for your company.

Registration steps

Preparation of founding documents
Preparation and submission of documents, checking the availability of the company name.
Accompaniment to the house of justice
Translation services and payment of state fees.
Legal address
Providing a permanent legal address.
Assistance in opening a bank account
Assistance in selecting a bank and opening a bank account.
Registration steps

The specialists at Jara Accounting take responsibility for the preparation and submission of all necessary documents for the registration of LLCs and JSCs at the House of Justice. We guarantee the correct completion of data and full support of the client throughout the process.

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