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Reliable business interests protection

Jara Accounting provides reliable protection of your business interests during audits and in resolving disputes with government agencies and commercial organizations. We offer support in various areas related to disputes with government bodies.

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Disputes with authorities may concern different areas:

Appeals against the actions of government authorities
Disagreement with a ruling and a decision to appeal it
Appeals against the wrongful actions of an official

Services for protecting company rights and interests

Disputes with administrative bodies
Preparation of statements or complaints to higher administrative authorities and court representation if necessary.
Taxation and customs disputes
Representation of your company’s interests in the Ministry of Finance of Georgia in case of disagreement with the decisions of the tax or customs authorities.
Representation in court
Gathering evidence and expert opinions, filing lawsuits, and representing the company’s interests in court.
Tax consultations
Consultations to identify tax risks considering the specifics of your business and preparing the company for audits.

Cost of protection of company rights and interests

Jara Accounting will protect the interests of your business during inspections and when resolving disputes with government authorities and commercial organizations.
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