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Accounting reconstruction in Georgia

Reconstructing accounting is a complex process intended to reorganize all financial documents of the company in strict accordance with the Georgian legislation.

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The speed of accounting reconstruction depends on how long the company has existed and the scope of its financial activities. Jara Accounting employees will put your financial documents in order and prepare the company for a tax audit.

Accounting reconstruction requires the following:

Accounting application
Information on whether electronic accounting was carried out before, the application used to do it, and access to this application
Bank statement
Company bank statement in the Excel format for the entire period of commercial activity
Tax portal
Access to the company's account (login and password)
Initial documentation
All existing initial documentation - agreements, acts, and invoices
Accounting reconstruction requires the following:

According to the Georgian law, every company is required to maintain accounting and tax records. In practice, however, companies sometimes either completely forego this or make major mistakes in the procedure. If you find yourself in a situation like that, our experts are ready to fully restore your accounting.

Main reasons for requests for accounting reconstruction:

Accounting records haven't been kept since the company was founded.

The cost of the accounting reconstruction service depends on the company's taxation system, the period for which the electronic accounting and the initial documentation need reconstruction, and the urgency of the works.

Accounting reconstruction cost

Accounting reconstruction
We'll put your financial documents in order and prepare the company for a tax audit.
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