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How to get Georgian citizenship


The passport of a citizen of Georgia is in the 36th place in the world according to data for 2021 and opens the borders of 116 countries where you can enter without a visa. Among the states that are friendly towards the citizens of Georgia are the EU countries and almost all the CIS countries, Turkey and Iran. Georgia for obtaining a 2nd citizenship and moving is considered not only by immigrants from the post-Soviet region but also by residents of Europe and America. In this article, we will explain the main advantages of a Georgian passport and how to obtain Georgian citizenship.

Benefits of Georgian citizenship

According to statistics from the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, from 2016 to 2018, 15,229 foreigners received Georgian citizenship. Most of the citizens are naturally from neighboring countries: from Russia - 42.3%, from Turkey - 2%, from Iran - 1.3%. Recent statistics have not yet been published, but it can be noted that the citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan have been actively applying for a residence permit in the last couple of years with the aim of subsequently obtaining citizenship in Georgia. Why people choose Georgia and Georgian passports:

Comfortable climate and life

  • Georgia is a real example that radical reforms can bear fruit. From year to year, this small country proves to the whole world that it is real to change the situation and reach the top of all world rankings. Georgia has everything from the sea coast, snow-capped hills, and slopes, dense forests, and endless vineyards to deserts, crystal lakes, and endless steppes. Add to this the endless hospitality of the locals, winemaking as a way of life, and an incredible amount of gastronomic entertainment in the form of distinctive cuisine. One should not lose sight of the fact that Georgia has a unique geographical position and is, in fact, a physical and political bridge for the European and Western markets with the huge potential of the Caspian and Mediterranean regions, through the continuous implementation of several large energy and transport projects.

Low prices

  • The average cost of food, housing, and living in Georgia is very low compared to other countries. Let's give the calculations using the example of comparison with America:

The estimated monthly expenses for a family of four are GEL 4,468.25 without rent.

The estimated monthly cost per person without rent is GEL 1,260.57.

The cost of living in Georgia is on average 57.94% lower than in the United States.

The rent in Georgia is on average 77.29% lower than in the USA.

More information about prices can be found by clicking on the link.

Business and investment prospects

  • In the past couple of years alone, the country's government has undertaken a huge amount of funds to simplify doing business, protect investors, simplify tax payments, improve the quality of land administration, as well as simplify the execution of agreements on export and import of products, improve work in business administration, global changes in all spheres of life and is not going to stop there. Taking into account all of the above, we can conclude that Georgia is one of the leading countries in the world for profitable investments in the long term. You can read more about profitable areas for business in Georgia in 2021 in the article.

Security and freedom

  • Georgia is the safest country in Europe and 6th in the world, which is ensured by highly professional police work. Many people, due to the unstable political or economic situation in their country, choose Georgia for a family relocation. The state guarantees security and democratic freedoms. Among other things, it is quite easy to open a bank account in Georgia without fear of disclosing confidentiality, the country does not participate in the automatic exchange of tax information according to the CRS standard.

Convenient taxes and business benefits

  • The Georgian taxation system is maximally simplified, there are only six main types of taxes, with a reduced rate (more details here). The citizens of Georgia are given the opportunity to take so-called tax holidays, that is, a grace period during which you will have the opportunity to fully concentrate on developing your business. Thus, preferential tax rates and partial tax exemptions increase the attractiveness of Georgia for entrepreneurs from all over the world and make the country a competitive jurisdiction. You can read more about taxes in Georgia here.

In addition to all of the above, having received Georgian citizenship, you will be able to: buy agricultural land, use special electronic services from the state, contact a notary online, etc.

Who can count on a Georgian passport and on what grounds

You can become a citizen of Georgia if you were born on the territory of the country or have lived the required number of years while having a residence permit. We described how to get a residence permit in Georgia in this article. Now let's take a closer look at how to obtain Georgian citizenship.

By birth, citizenship of Georgia can be obtained by:

  • People whose parents / one parent were citizens of the country in the year you were born;
  • Children who were born in the country, if the parents are stateless / one of the parents is unknown.

In other cases, obtaining Georgian citizenship is possible in:

  • the usual way;
  • simplified procedure;
  • the order of exception established by law.

The usual order

According to the “Law of Georgia on Citizenship”, it is possible to obtain a passport of a citizen of Georgia if you have been legally and permanently living in the country for more than 10 years at the time of application.

In addition, it is imperative that:

  • Pass an exam on the knowledge of the Georgian language;
  • Pass an exam on knowledge of the basics of Georgian law and the history of the country;
  • Work on the territory of the country \ have a business \ share in a Georgian enterprise.

You can find the exam preparation tests here.

The application must be submitted to the House of Justice or the consulate of Georgia, if you are not in the country.

Required documents:

  • Statement;
  • Photo 3X4;
  • A receipt for payment of the state duty;
  • A copy of the birth certificate;
  • Documents that confirm your legal presence in the country for the last 10 years. It can be: visa, residence permit, stamps from the passport confirming the crossing of the Georgian border;
  • Help from work \ real estate documents \ business \ share in the enterprise.

Cost and terms


The term for obtaining a passport of a citizen of Georgia cannot exceed 3 months.

Documents can be submitted in person or through an authorized representative.

Simplified order

For a husband/wife of a citizen of Georgia, there is a procedure for a simplified receipt of a country's passport. You need to live in Georgia not for 10 years, but for 5 years, but exams and document requirements remain almost unchanged. You will also need to pass a commission on the knowledge of the state language, pass exams in law and history. To the list of documents given above, you must add:

  • a copy of the marriage certificate with a citizen of Georgia;
  • copy of the spouse's passport;
  • a copy of the passport of the country of which you are a citizen at the time of registration of the marriage.

The application and documents must be translated into Georgian and notarized.

Cost and timing remain the same (see above).

Exceptions provided by law

According to the Law of Georgia on Citizenship, there are exceptional cases when the President of a country has the right to issue Georgian citizenship to a citizen of another country:

  • if he has special services to the country;
  • when the acquisition of the citizenship of the country is based on the public interest *.

* State interests and special circumstances:

a) If a foreign citizen considers Georgia his homeland, as well as his ancestors:

  • Live in the occupied territories or have been deported;
  • Emigrated for political/economic/social reasons.

In this case, in order to obtain citizenship, it is also necessary to pass all exams and pass the commission for knowledge of the state language.

b) If a foreign citizen invests in Georgia or makes a significant contribution to the development of the state's economy;

c) If a foreign citizen has world-class achievements in sports, science, art.


Georgia is a wonderful, developed country with a comfortable climate and stunning nature. Therefore, anyone who has come at least once wants to return, and many are moving permanently. We hope this article will help you if you decide to stay in Georgia.

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