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Налоги в сфере криптовалюты в Грузии

Taxes in the field of cryptocurrency in Georgia

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency has long been a legal tender, there is still no global understanding of how to classify and effectively tax this large element of income of individuals and legal entities. The main purpose of taxation of cryptocurrency is to combat the illegal turnover of funds. Let’s look at what taxes an investor in cryptocurrency pays if he is a tax resident of Georgia, and find out from what taxes private investors are exempt, and what taxes legal entities must pay. Also, in particular, what are the taxes in the field of cryptocurrency in Georgia, how the exchange of cryptocurrency and the sale of computing (hash) power for generation are taxed.

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Налоговые системы стран Европы и Грузии

Tax systems of Europe and Georgia

Before starting your own business or getting a job in the EU, you need to study the tax system in detail. Wages and living standards in Europe are really high, but at the same time taxes can completely dash all your hopes for a bright future. In this article, we will analyze the tax systems of European countries in comparison with Georgia

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Международные компании в Грузии

International companies – a new type of offshore in Georgia

Despite the global pandemic, the Georgian government is trying to make the business environment in the country attractive to investors. Considering all the challenges this year, the atmosphere for business looks stable thanks to preferential tax systems, which is a clear incentive for foreign companies to move to this country. Georgia is attracting more and more attention from the international business community as it is becoming a profitable investment destination with low taxes and simple registration rules.

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Таможенные пошлины в Грузии 2020

Customs duties in Georgia 2021

Customs duties in Georgia 2021 are levied on goods that are transported across the border and undergo customs control. Georgia, which is located between Europe and Asia and also has direct access to the sea route, is a convenient point for the transit of goods. Taking into account this peculiarity of the location, the government of Georgia does not pose any obstacles to multilateral trade, therefore, the country has an agreement with most states on the smooth export and import of any legal goods. Such a policy stimulates the growth of foreign investment and the trade and economic development of Georgia.

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Соглашение об избежании двойного налогообложения

Double Taxation Agreements with Georgia

A double taxation agreement is usually concluded between the two countries. The agreement prescribes the rules for the collection of taxes on the income of a resident of one country received in another. The agreement specifies the types of taxes subject to the document and the legal entities to which they apply.

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VAT in Georgia in 2021

VAT rates in Georgia decreased from 20% to 18% back in 2005. Domestic and foreign businessmen called it one of the main advantages of the new Tax Code.

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Режимы льготного налогообложения в Грузии

Tax incentives in Georgia

From July 1, 2018, a preferential tax regime was introduced for small businesses in Georgia, according to which the turnover tax will be 1% instead of 5%.

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Налог у источника в Грузии

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

Many companies in Georgia use the services of non-residents and foreign companies. In this case, when working together, obligations to pay the tax deducted at source may arise. In this article, we will analyze in which cases you will have to pay this tax in Georgia.

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налоги на малый бизнес в Грузии

Small Business Taxes in Georgia

Low taxes on small business in Georgia, a simple and quick registration process for any business make this country an ideal place to start or continue your business.

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Profit tax in Georgia, real estate tax

The 2005 reforms in Georgia reduced the total number of taxes from 21 to 6. Tax rates and profit tax in Georgia fell significantly, and as a result, in the Paying Taxes report for 2019, the country was ranked 16th among 190 participants.

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