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Справка от нерезидента Грузии для избежания двойного налогообложения

Certificate from a non-resident of Georgia to avoid double taxation

Nobody wants to pay high taxes, much less twice. If you are a non-resident of the country and receive income in Georgia, it may happen that you will need to pay taxes here and in the country of residence. To prevent this from happening, there is an agreement between the countries aimed at avoiding double taxation. Georgia has signed relevant international treaties with more than 50 states. Read this article to find out what will help to confirm your preferential status, and how to correctly draw up a certificate from a non-resident of Georgia to avoid double taxation.

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Как уплачиваются налоги в Грузии

How taxes are paid in Georgia

After seceding from the USSR, Georgia is one of the few post-Soviet countries that has chosen a strategy of tax cuts to develop business and attract foreign investment. The transparency of registration procedures, a minimum of corruption, and bureaucracy add to Georgia’s positive points. The 2005 reforms in Georgia reduced the total number of taxes from 21 to 6. Tax rates and income tax in Georgia decreased significantly, and as a result, in the Paying Taxes report on the ease of paying taxes for December 2020, the country took 14th place among 190 participants. But in order to successfully conduct your business in Georgia, you need to be well versed in taxation, be able to use the taxpayer’s electronic office, and fill out declarations correctly. In this article, we will tell you in full detail about how taxes are paid in Georgia.

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Памятка компаниям по работе с НДС в Грузии

Memo to companies dealing with VAT in Georgia

Despite the fact that the overall tax burden in Georgia is low and the country is in the fourteenth place in the Paying Taxes 2020 ranking, the VAT rate has been and remains at the level of 18%. In this article, we will analyze the main issues of the formation of value-added tax, the possibility of optimization, and refund. This memo to companies dealing with VAT in Georgia will be useful for those who have already opened a business in Georgia, or just going to do it.

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Правила касающиеся криптовалюты в Грузии и других странах

Rules regarding cryptocurrency in Georgia and other countries

News about cryptocurrencies constantly appears in all media, even those that are not related to information technology and the economy. In 2021, everyone wants to invest in crypto – from students to owners of international corporations. Therefore, it is not surprising that states are rushing to develop new regulatory laws. A common understanding of how to relate to virtual currency has not yet been formed. In this article, we will analyze what are the rules regarding cryptocurrency in Georgia and other countries.

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Cтраны с страны с самыми низкими корпоративными налогами в 2021

Countries with the lowest corporate taxes in 2021

The competitiveness of jurisdiction is determined by many factors, but the main one is the tax climate. The higher the corporate taxes, the less foreign investors will want to start their own business in the country. A decrease in rates leads to an increase in resources for investment, therefore, over the past 20 years, the average corporate tax rate in the world has decreased by a quarter – from 28.6% in 2000 to 21.4% in 2020, Excluding countries with a zero tax on profit (Bahamas, Bahrain, Bermuda, Guernsey, and the Cayman Islands), the decline is still significant – up to 24 percent. There is, of course, a country where officially there are no taxes at all – the DPRK, but it can hardly be called a promising area for investors. In this article, we’ll take a look at the countries with the lowest corporate taxes in 2021 and look at the pros and cons of jurisdictions for businessmen.

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налоги на малый бизнес в Грузии

Small Business Taxes in Georgia

Low taxes on small business in Georgia, a simple and quick registration process for any business make this country an ideal place to start or continue your business.

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Получение налогового резидентства Грузии и его преимущества в 2021

Obtaining tax residency in Georgia and its benefits in 2021

Living in a pandemic and uncertainty, many began to think about moving to another country, transferring their business to more profitable jurisdictions, and competently planning their finances. There are several fairly obvious reasons for this – the massive transition to remote work, the unstable situation in most areas of business, the lack of the possibility of long-term travel due to closed borders. 

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VAT in Georgia in 2021

VAT rates in Georgia decreased from 20% to 18% back in 2005. Domestic and foreign businessmen called it one of the main advantages of the new Tax Code.

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Personal income tax in Georgia

Personal income tax in Georgia is quite high among CIS countries. Therefore, the maximum load of employer’s expenses per employee remains very low – only 20% on the accrued amount, regardless of the residence of the recipient of the funds.

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