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How to get a residence permit in Georgia


In recent years, Georgia has become one of the most attractive destinations for those who want to change their place of residence for a while, or even forever. Therefore, the question of how to obtain a residence permit in Georgia is leading in the search engine query line.

The government of the country is very friendly towards investors and is happy to issue residence permits to foreigners who, according to the Law of Georgia 'On Encouragement and Guarantee of Investment Activity', invest at least $ 300,000 or purchase real estate for the same amount.

An apartment in Georgia can become a place for a personal residence or a profitable asset for renting out, given the huge tourist flow. This option is suitable for investors who want to use money profitably, and not keep it on a deposit.

In addition to investments, there are many more options and ways to obtain a residence permit in Georgia, which we will analyze in this article.

Reasons for obtaining a residence permit in Georgia?

There are two types of residence permits in total - temporary and permanent. Their differences are in terms of validity. The temporary residence permit depends on the period of temporary residence, and the period of the permanent residence permit is 5 years.

What are the types of residence permit in Georgia:

  • The labor residence permit is issued if you submit to the Agency for Development of Public Services a document confirming your labor or commercial activity in Georgia and a certificate of funds in the amount of at least 50,000 lari per year. There are exceptions for educational and medical institutions - 35,000 lari per year.
  • An educational residence permit is issued if you have entered an educational institution that is authorized in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.
  • A residence permit for the purpose of family reunification is issued for people who are married by a person who has a residence permit in Georgia, as well as for other family members.
  • Residence permit for a person who has lost Georgian citizenship.
  • Residence permit for a person who did not have citizenship - is issued to a person whose status as not having citizenship of any other country was established in Georgia.
  • Special residence permit - issued to a person in relation to whom there is a reasonable assumption that he is a victim of a crime or human trafficking.
  • Permanent residence permit - issued to a person who is married to a citizen of Georgia or another family member is a citizen of Georgia. A permanent residence permit is also granted to a foreigner who has lived in Georgia for more than 6 years on the basis of a temporary residence permit. This period does not include residence in Georgia for the purpose of education or medical treatment, as well as the period of work in a diplomatic mission.
  • A temporary residence permit is issued to a person who has been granted victim status in accordance with the Law of Georgia “On Preventing and Assisting Victims of Domestic Violence”.
  • A short-term residence permit is issued to a foreigner or a family member who, according to the legislation of Georgia, owns real estate worth at least $ 100,000.
  • An indefinite residence permit - a foreigner or family member who received a temporary residence permit on the basis of an investment of $ 300,000, has a turnover from his own commercial activity of at least $ 50,000 during the first year, at least $ 100,000 during the second year, and in subsequent years 3 years not less than $ 120,000. An indefinite residence permit is also issued to a foreigner or family member who, within 5 years, after receiving an investment residence permit, owns real estate worth at least $ 300,000.

Georgia has also approved a list of those countries whose citizens have the right to legally reside in Georgia for one year. These countries are Austria, Azerbaijan, USA, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, etc.

What is required to obtain a residence permit in Georgia?

Any person who is not a citizen of Georgia has the right to obtain a residence permit. To obtain a residence permit, you must contact the appropriate branch of the Agency for the Development of Public Services or the House of Justice. A residence permit confirms the name and surname, citizenship, and place of residence in Georgia of a foreigner residing in Georgia.

If all documents are available, the residence permit is issued after 30 working days. In case of a special residence permit - 10 days. If you want to get your certification as soon as possible, you must pay extra for expedited service.

Documents must be submitted in Georgian (translation must be notarized). The translation is not required if there are documents in which personal data is entered with Latin transliteration.

How to get a residence permit?

A person with a temporary residence permit is registered on the basis of a personal application.

List of required documentation:

  1. Two photos (you can take a photo at a branch of the Service Development Agency or at the House of Justice. The cost of a photo is 3 GEL)
  2. Identity document (identity document of a foreign citizen; birth certificate, etc.)
  3. Birth certificate (in case of a minor)
  4. Document of legal residence (stay) in Georgia. (More specifically: a document confirming that you are legally in the country. In the case of a permanent residence permit, a document confirming the citizenship of another country, or a document confirming that you are a stateless person).
  5. Grounds for registration (a person under the age of 16 is registered with their parents, guardians, or other legal representatives, in which case registration is not required).
  6. Receipt for payment of the fee.

It is not necessary to provide the above documents if information (documents, data) about the person submitting the application already exists in the Agency's electronic database. 

Cost and terms of issuing a residence permit

  1. Generally, 30 days and 210 GEL;
  2. With a surcharge for acceleration 20 days and 330 GEL;
  3. In a special case and with an additional payment for 10 days and 410 GEL.

Georgia is a wonderful, developed country with a comfortable climate and stunning nature. Therefore, anyone who has come at least once wants to return, and many moves permanently. We hope this article will help you if you decide to stay in Georgia.

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