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Opening an IT Company and Virtual Zone status in Georgia


In the era of digitalization and globalization of business, Georgia stands out as an attractive point on the map of the IT industry thanks to its unique virtual zone status. This status provides significant tax benefits to IT companies, fostering the development of technological innovations and attracting entrepreneurs from around the world.

Advantages of opening a company in the IT zone

The main advantage is tax optimization: companies operating in the IT sector and having the status of a virtual zone are exempt from profit tax, which significantly reduces financial burden and increases competitiveness in the global market. Moreover, the simplified registration procedure and minimal administrative barriers make Georgia an attractive place for international IT business.

Tax regime for IT companies in Georgia

A distinctive feature of the Georgian jurisdiction is the favorable tax regime for IT companies. Unlike ordinary companies, which are subject to standard taxation, IT companies registered in the virtual zone enjoy significant tax benefits, including exemption from profit tax and simplified taxation of revenue from service exports.

Taxes in GeorgiaFor a regular companyFor a Virtual company
Income tax18%0%
Corporate profit tax15%0%
Dividend tax5%5%

How can I obtain Virtual Zone status?

The process of obtaining virtual zone status in Georgia is relatively simple and includes submitting an application to the relevant state authorities, confirming compliance with IT sector activities, and fulfilling a number of administrative requirements. This status opens doors to the international market and provides access to favorable tax conditions.

To register as a subject of the virtual zone in Georgia, you initially need to:

  1. Reserve a unique name.
  2. Prepare and submit a package of documents.
  3. Appoint a director.
  4. Contribute the charter capital.
  5. At registration, it is necessary to open an account for the IT company of the virtual zone, submitting a request to the Tax Service. This is necessary for reporting and tracking tax payments.
  6. Obtain a Georgian license for the provision of VZE status.

Benefits for companies with Virtual Zone status

The most significant benefits for companies with virtual zone status in Georgia are tax benefits, ease of doing business, and access to developed infrastructure. These factors create optimal conditions for the growth and development of IT projects, promoting innovation and technological progress.


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