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Residence permit in Georgia


If you are interested in obtaining a residence permit in Georgia, then we can help you. There are various options for a residence permit in Georgia, including for investments or the purchase of real estate from a certain amount. Jara Accounting specialists will select the best option for you based on your situation. Thanks to the law that was adopted in Georgia regarding foreigners, there are two options for residents in the country: temporary and permanent. After 10 years of living in Georgia and having a residence permit, foreigners have the right to apply for citizenship. To do this, you will need to pass 3 exams: Georgian language, Georgian history, and law.


For citizens who receive a residence permit in Georgia, it becomes possible to use all the rights similar to residents of the country. Namely: to do business, work, study, and even send invitations to other foreign citizens. The only difference from full-fledged citizenship is the lack of the ability to vote and serve in the army.

Georgian citizenship allows you to stay in 114 states without a visa. These countries include the European Union and the Schengen countries, the CIS, Iran and Turkey.


The residence permit in Georgia differs mainly in the terms for which it is issued. The term of a permanent residence permit is most often 5 years, and the temporary one will depend on the length of residence.
Grounds for issuing a residence permit in Georgia:


Issued if you submit to the Public Services Development Agency a document confirming your employment in a company with a turnover of at least 100,000 lari per year, or commercial activity in Georgia, for example, as an individual entrepreneur, a turnover of 50,000 lari. There are exceptions for educational and medical institutions.
You can get it if you study at one of the educational institutions in Georgia.
Provided for those who have purchased real estate in the country for at least $ 100,000.
Provided for those who have already received a temporary residence permit on the basis of an investment of $ 300,000, have a turnover from their own commercial activities of at least $ 50,000 during the first year, at least $ 100,000 during the second year, and in the next 3 years not less than $ 120,000. An indefinite permanent residence is also issued to a foreigner, or a family member who, for 5 years, after receiving an investment residence permit, owns real estate worth at least $ 300,000.
  • If you marry a person with a residence permit, you also have the right to expect to receive it.
  • If you have lost the citizenship of the country or do not have citizenship at all, under certain circumstances, you can count on a residence permit.
  • A special residence permit is issued to victims of crime and human trafficking.

Georgia has also approved a list of those countries whose citizens have the right to legally reside in Georgia for one year. These countries are Austria, Azerbaijan, USA, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, etc.


Any person who is not a citizen of Georgia has the right to obtain a residence permit. To obtain a residence permit, you must contact the appropriate branch of the Agency for the Development of Public Services or the House of Justice. A residence permit confirms the name and surname, citizenship, and place of residence in Georgia of a foreigner.

It is important to remember: you need to apply for a residence permit at least 40 days before the end of the permissible stay in Georgia. The same rule applies to the extension of a residence permit.

If all documents are available, the residence permit is issued after 30 working days. In case of a special residence permit – 10 days. If you want to get your certification as soon as possible, you must pay extra for expedited service.
Documents must be submitted in Georgian (translation must be notarized). The translation is not required if there are documents in which personal data is entered with Latin transliteration.

You can register an application for a residence permit remotely, you just need to fill out a spreadsheet and attach electronic documents. After that, it is imperative to notify the operator of your desire to obtain a residence permit.

It is important to know: After filling out the electronic application within 10 days, it is necessary to provide physical documents to the Agency. All documents must be translated into Georgian and certified by a notary.

Learn more about each of the main types of residence permits.

  1. Labor
  2. Investment
  3. Constant
  4. Other types


  • The general procedure for the calendar 30 days and 210 GEL;
  • With an additional payment for acceleration in calendar 20 days and 330 GEL;
  • In a special case and with an additional payment for 10 calendar days and 410 GEL.


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