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Open a multicurrency bank account online in Georgia



Georgia is of interest from foreign businessmen, first of all, by a high level of confidentiality of financial information (the country does not support the automatic exchange of financial data on CRS accounts). Many entrepreneurs, together with the registration of a business, open an account in Georgia, in addition, foreigners are also interested in opening personal accounts in local banks. In order not to waste time visiting the bank, given that now all borders are still closed, you can open an account remotely and without interrupting your current affairs.

In this article, we will look at how to open a multicurrency current account in Georgia without visiting a bank, both corporate and personal, and also consider the conditions that are offered by the two largest banks in the country.

Choosing a bank to open a current account in Georgia remotely - without visiting the country

TBC Bank is a leader in the Georgian banking system. Provides a full range of premium retail banking services. The cost of these services is several times less than in banks of the EU and CIS countries. TBC Bank's assets amount to 15.1 billion lari, and the total share in the Georgian banking system reaches 39.5%.

TBC Bank is the most convenient and loyal bank for foreigners. In addition, TBC has a lot of various remote ways to access an account - a mobile application, internet banking, SMS banking, Visa and MasterCard payment cards. All this makes it easy to manage your finances, regardless of location.

Bank of Georgia is on second place. Its assets reached 14.8 billion in the local currency, and revenue reaches 343 million lari, which is only 2% less than TBC Bank's contribution to total profit. It is the most developed and largest bank in Georgia, as the number of users exceeds the number of TBC Bank and amounts to 2.4 million users. The company has over 270 branches throughout the state.

Conditions for comparison

BankAccount opening features
ТBCExecution of an agreement and opening a bank account on the day of application
The corporate card, Internet bank, and Digipass application for processing payments are available by power of attorney.
Transfer of all requisites and templates to the new Internet bank.
A small package of documents.
Bank of GeorgiaThe account is opened within a few days, upon completion of the bank check.
The corporate card, and the Internet bank, and Digipass application for processing payments are available by power of attorney.
Transfer of all requisites and templates to the new Internet bank.
Submission of complete information about the company (individual) when opening an account using the standard KYC (know your client) form.

TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia tariffs

It is possible to open a current account in Georgia without visiting a bank for non-residents, subject to the bank's procedure. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with the different types of tariffs in advance and choose the most suitable one for your case.

For example, TBC Bank has three most convenient and popular tariffs for individuals:


Suitable for you if you rarely use banking services. It costs 20 GEL per year.


Suitable for you if you often use bank services. It costs 50 GEL per year.


Suitable for you if you are interested in premium service. This tariff allows you to get a Gold class payment card and high deposit rates. It costs 170 GEL per year.

By choosing one of these tariffs, you are exempt from commission when opening a personal account, from paying monthly maintenance and you will receive a payment card for free.


Important! Now in TBC bank, when opening a corporate account of a company, a representative by proxy literally within a couple of days goes through the process of identifying a client and opening an account, to which he receives:

  • Login and password from the Internet bank (the password is sent to the director's mobile number).
  • An activation code and a permanent password for the Digipass application, the installation of which allows the director to pay the company's bills from anywhere in the world (the specified access also goes directly to the director).
  • A multicurrency business card of the company Visa, which the director of the company can get literally in any city by means of express mail.

Read more about TBC bank's tariffs for servicing a corporate account and its commissions here.

When opening a regular personal account of an individual (minimum and universal packages) - by power of attorney, your representative makes out access to the Internet bank, orders and pays additional account currencies - usually dollars and euros. All personal accounts can be linked to a mobile phone number of any country; you do not need to buy and register a local Georgian SIM card for this.

And already with remote registration of a private person under the Concept TBC bank program, a personal banker is immediately assigned to the client, full client authentication is carried out and a multicurrency Visa card is issued upon request, which a representative by proxy can receive and send by express mail directly to the account holder.

Detailed table of bank rates for individuals:

EnumerationWithout tariffMinimalUniversalConcept
To other banks, GEL0,07% min. 0,90,90,70,5
To other banks, USD0,2% min. 1514,912,99,9
To other banks, other currency, EUR0,2% min. 1514,912,99,9

In addition to special rates and the ability to open an account remotely, TBC Bank offers non-residents the opportunity to take out a mortgage, get a credit card, take out insurance, make international transfers and create bank cells.

Bank of Georgia has exclusive rights to be a provider of 4 international payment systems in Georgia, such as American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB.

As for the Bank of Georgia tariffs for servicing debit payment cards for non-residents, they are as follows:

 Visa/MasterCardVisa/MasterCard GoldAmerican Express Rewards Card
Validity period, month12 or 2412 or 2436
Service cost, GEL40 and 50110 and 15040

Read more about Bank of Georgia tariffs for servicing a corporate account and its commissions here.

What documents are needed to open a current account in Georgia without visiting a bank

Opening a current account in Georgia without visiting a bank is real: you do not need to go to the bank, our lawyers go through the full process for you by power of attorney:

  1. First, you leave an online application on our website with your contacts.
  2. The manager will call you back shortly and advise on tariffs and a package of documents.
  3. Agree with the manager about conditions convenient for you.
  4. You pay for services in any convenient way.
  5. We will send you a power of attorney template prepared by our lawyer for opening an account and arranging other services upon request (premium package, plastic card).
  6. You certify a power of attorney with a notary and, together with a notarized copy of your international passport, send it to us by express mail.
  7. We open your bank account in Georgia.
  8. Our manager sets up your online bank, transfers all access to you and explains how to work with online tools.
  9. If it is provided by the service package, we will activate and send you a multi-currency bank card via DHL.

To open a multicurrency current account in Georgia without visiting a bank, fill out an application on our website and get a consultation, a power of attorney template and a list of documents for free.


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