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Setting up a Business Remotely in Georgia


Setting up a business remotely in Georgia is a fairly straightforward process. Georgia offers a preferential taxation system and safe environment for doing business, alongside the country's drastically lowered level of corruption and reduced bureaucratic procedures. For the present day, the degree of economic freedom and tax administration makes Georgia one of the most attractive countries for doing business in Europe.

Set up a Company Remotely in Georgia - Key points

Based on the Law about Entrepreneurs of Georgia, anyone irrespective of his/her residency status can set up and conduct business in Georgia under the same regulations. Hence, any person can become the Company Owner in the country.A company of any legal form of ownership undergoes registration processes with the Public Registry of the House of Justice of Georgia, where all Company Charters remain. That ensures access to information about the company's performance and its participants, for all without exception, shall the necessity arise. 

The Revenue Services of Georgia controls the whole taxation process. The registration of the taxpayer will be processed through this authority as well as obtaining E-Taxpayer's Status. Georgian legislation does not compel business owners to disclose their charter capital.

The legislative document “About the Licenses and Permits” provides an exhaustive list of all activities for which a relevant permit may require.

How to Set up a Business in Georgia Remotely?

Working in Georgia for non-residents is very convenient, coming from the idea of a lower taxation system in addition to a non-existent bureaucracy scheme. Although Georgia is attracting foreign investors, many still hesitate to start their entrepreneurial activity coming from the possible predicament. To avoid complications, it is advised to refer to the functional company in the country of request. A company that specializes in the registration process and can effortlessly set up a business remotely on time

For instance, specialists from the company Jara Accounting will assist in choosing the appropriate legal form of the company, provide thorough consultation on taxation, the preferential and simplified tax payment regimes, tax avoidance possibilities, as some legal entities are exempt from certain liabilities on taxation.

The registration process requires minimal client involvement. Acting with the Power of Attorney provisions, our specialists take every necessary measure to ensure that all requirements for successful company registration are met. 

Set up a company in Georgia remotely - Step by Step: 

  • Fill out an application on the website; 
  • Complete and certify a Power of Attorney by authorized Notary Bureau, as well as apostille in your country of residence, based on the example we provide. For CIS countries an apostille is not required;
  • Provide copies of owner’s passport, physical address (in any country), name of the future company in English.

After receiving the Charter by e-mail, our employees will certify and notarize the legal address in Georgia.

Company Remote Registration process on the territory of Georgia consists of the following steps:

  • Translation into Georgian and notarization of all provided documents;
  • Submission of an application to the Public Registry for the company registration and payment of necessary fees;
  • Obtaining a registration certificate from the House of Justice;
  • Registering the company with the Revenue Service;Upon request, we provide services to open a current bank account.

Fill out the form on our website and get a free consultation. We will address any inquiries you may have regarding the remote registration of the company in Georgia.

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