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How to open a travel company in Georgia


Georgia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years, with more than 8 million visitors from the beginning of 2019 to October. According to the National Tourism Administration, in May 2021 the number of tourists increased by 264% compared to May 2020. Significant growth is expected in 2022 - in particular, the income of the tourism sector will exceed the indicators of the pre-pandemic period by 10%. That’s why opening a travel company in Georgia is an excellent decision.

It seems that this country was specially created for tourists. Hospitable Georgians are happy to welcome more and more guests and share the natural treasures of their country with pleasure, while generously treating them to delicious wine and amazing cuisine. Tourist company in Georgia is a variety of possible recreation options for both active recreation lovers and those who want to relax and enjoy the picturesque views of Georgian nature.

To open a tourist company in Georgia is easy. It takes one hour and you need only a foreign passport to open a company in Georgia. The absence of bureaucratic barriers for doing business is another achievement of modern Georgia. Good development prospects and ease of doing business attract people from all over the world to open a tourist company in this country. Let us find out what else to consider if you decide to open a business related to tourism in Georgia.

Services for tourist company in Georgia

What options do you have? Operators who make offers for the international market and local travelers offer a range of services:

1. Business tours. Excellent as a complement to major business events, conferences, and conventions. Global hotel brand chains such as Radisson, Intercontinental, Holiday Inn play a huge role in providing such services.

2. Cultural and religious tours. This program is suitable for tourists who want to visit the main historical and cultural monuments, temples, and monastery complexes, for which Georgia is famous.

3. Mountain tours, which are possible due to Georgia's advantageous location among mountain ranges: the Caucasus Range with the peaks of Shkhara and Kazbek, attracting climbers.

4. Ski resorts. Winter tours to Gudauri, Bakuriani, and Mestia are especially popular.

5. Eco-programs. Tourist business in Georgia is also focused on those wishing to visit protected areas with unique flora and fauna.

6. Agritourism. The country is interesting for real connoisseurs of delicious cuisine and natural wine.

7. Therapeutic tourism. Unique curative climate, water springs, mud and fresh air certainly have a beneficial effect on residents and visitors.

8. Resorts. The program of such tours is suitable for those who want to relax on the Black Sea coast.

9. Extreme tours. In addition to mountain dangerous climbing, travel companies offer tours with a real adventure set, such as descending into the canyons of rivers.

At the moment there are more than 100 resorts and about 200 places in Georgia, more than 2.5 thousand mineral and thermal springs. Travelers' interest in the country has an impact on improving the existing infrastructure and increasing opportunities for tourists.

Advantages of tourism business in Georgia

Opening a tourist company in Georgia safely and quickly allows a simplified procedure of registration and launching your own business on the territory of the state. This is influenced by such factors as:

  • Prospective growth of the country's economy; 
  • convenient geographical location, which opens access to integration with both European countries and the Asian market;
  • simple mechanisms for business registration, a minimum set of requirements for residents and non-residents;
  • active support of companies by the Government of Georgia;
  • favourable tax rates.Taxation of tourism business in Georgia

The provision of services in the sphere of tourism is considered the organized import of foreign citizens to the territory of Georgia for the purpose of providing services according to the tourism package. Tourist packages may include the transfer of tourists, hotel accommodation, catering, excursions, as well as the provision of the conference hall and other equipment for official events. A tourist package should include at least two tourist services (for example - airport transfers and dinner arrangements). Such operations are not subject to VAT under Article 168 of the Tax Code, but the company is entitled to a VAT credit - if the company buys services from VAT payers, VAT can be set off. The VAT thus offset is accumulated in a single tax account, which can be used for other taxes (corporate, income) or returned to a bank account simply by filling out a special form on the electronic portal of income service.

How do you start a business?

Anyone can open a tourist company in Georgia, that is why it is such an attractive investment destination for foreigners. As a rule, the range of services provided by the agency includes the following:

  • transport support (air and railway tickets, transfers, cars, rent); 
  • documentation (assistance in applying for a foreign passport and visa);
  • insurance; professional services (guide, escort, interpreter); 
  • sale of guidebooks; trade and rent of related goods;
  • sale of certificates and registration of client cards; 
  • additional services (reservation of tables in restaurants, tickets for events).

Thus, it is necessary to take into account all these factors for successful business, while the cost of own company will consist of many elements: from the payment for premises, payment of taxes to the state, to the cost of creating a personal brand and unique content. In order to deal with all of this and make the right decisions, it is worth turning to professionals who have been doing business in Georgia for many years now and to help expats create business. Write to us and we will help you identify the best option for your investment and help you start a business properly.

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