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Services for individuals


Foreigners in Georgia sooner or later face legal issues that are difficult to overcome on their own. A lot of time is spent studying special literature, collecting answers on forums, especially without knowledge of the language. Therefore, we have introduced separate services for individuals in Georgia. Our experienced specialists will help with: checking real estate before a deal, drawing up a contract, collecting documents, or opening a multi-currency account with a Georgian bank.


One of the key features of Georgia’s banking policy is that the state is not a member of the CRS global automatic exchange of information. This is a unified global standard for reporting financial accounts for tax purposes, which allows regulatory authorities to receive, upon request, detailed information about the taxes of a particular entity. Georgia’s non-membership provides an additional opportunity for entrepreneurs and businessmen to protect their assets. The combination of these factors makes the investment climate in Georgia even more attractive.

Non-residents of the country can also open an account with a Georgian bank remotely in an expedited mode. To quickly and easily open a current account, use the service for opening an account with a Georgian bank.


Since a large number of foreigners are interested in obtaining Georgian residence permits, as well as citizenship itself, amendments were made in 2019 to the law “On the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons”. Now, to obtain an investment residence permit for 1 year, you will need to own real estate to the value of at least $ 100,000.

You can register an application for a residence permit remotely, just fill out a spreadsheet and attach the electronic documents. After that, it is imperative to notify the operator of your desire to obtain a residence permit. To quickly obtain a residence permit, use the service for obtaining a Georgian residence permit.


Tourism is the main component of Georgia’s income and more and more tourists come here every year. As such, purchasing real estate in Georgia to rent out quickly pays off and brings large profits. Against the backdrop of rising rental prices, the acquired property can be resold profitably. All this and the absence of tax on the purchase of real estate attracts many foreign investors.

Buying real estate is a difficult and risky business if you do not have a legal education or do not buy real estate from people you can trust. To protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers, use the service supporting real estate transactions in Georgia.


The Law of Georgia “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in Georgia” provides for 2 types of residence permits in Georgia: temporary (including short-term) and permanent (including unlimited/perpetual). For foreigners with a temporary residence permit, who have been living in Georgia for 6 years, and for investors, there is ample reason to obtain permanent residence. The main condition is that you provide an application with temporary residence permits for the last 6 years or make an investment of $ 300,000 or more. We will help you collect all the necessary documents and go through all the stages for you. You just have to get a ready-made permanent residence.

We are very attentive to all the problems of our clients, to complete all tasks fully and responsibly. To save you time, most of the interactions take place online, through any communication method you find convenient (e.g. Telegram, Whatsapp). Everything from sending documents to receiving a multi-currency card – in your chosen format and as quickly as possible. Leave a request to get a free consultation.


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