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Due to the fact that a large number of foreigners are interested in obtaining a residence permit in Georgia, as well as directly the citizenship itself, in 2019, amendments were made to the law “On the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons”. Now, to obtain an investment residence permit for 1 year, you will need to become the owner of real estate in the amount of at least $ 100,000.


Investment from $ 300,000;
Investment turnover:

a) in the first year $ 50,000

b) second year $ 100,000

c) the third, fourth, and fifth years for $ 120,000 or persons who have received a temporary residence permit on the basis of property (other than agricultural land) worth $ 300,000 and have owned this property for the last 5 years

Acquisition of property worth more than USD 100,000 (real estate appraisal is carried out by an independent appraiser accredited by the state.


  1. Statement;
  2. Copy of your international passport;
  3. A copy of the document confirming your legal presence on the territory of Georgia (stamp on crossing the border);
  4. Certified auditor’s report on the investment or a document confirming the ownership of the object with the market value according to the declared standards (the appraiser must be certified);
  5. Conclusion on the valuation;
  6. Recommendations of a member of the government or a legal representative of an active legal entity conducting a permanent economic activity, or 3 citizens of Georgia (for a permanent investment residence permit);
  7. Photo 3/4.

You can register an application for a residence permit remotely, you just need to fill out a spreadsheet and attach electronic documents. After that, it is imperative to notify the operator of your desire to obtain a residence permit.

It is important to know: After filling out the electronic application within 10 days, it is necessary to provide physical documents to the Agency. All documents must be translated into Georgian and certified by a notary. To obtain an already issued residence permit (binadroba), you must personally come to the House of Justice. It is impossible to receive a document by power of attorney


for 30 calendar days the fee = 210 GEL;
for 20 calendar days the fee = 330 GEL;
for 10 calendar days fee = 410 lari.

If you own a business or plan to open it on the territory of the country, we will help you not only in registration and support of business activities but also to collect all the necessary documents and accompany you at all stages of obtaining an investment residence permit. To get a free consultation on all your questions, fill out the form below.


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