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Tax planning services are the most frequent request from our clients. To start a successful business in another country, first of all, you need to decide on the business entity, having studied all the classic and preferential solutions with the help of specialists.
To choose the legal entity of a business, it is necessary to analyze future activities from the point of view of the optimal tax regime, the structure of business ownership, profit distribution.
Thanks to our detailed tax planning service, we can clarify:

  1. The existing organizational and legal forms of doing business in Georgia;
  2. The tax system of the country, the tax burden on your future business and how to optimize the tax burden;
  3. Accounting and tax reporting – the procedure, timing, and requirements for declaring and paying taxes.

The main component of tax planning is the selection of the most convenient form of doing business – from classic solutions (an individual entrepreneur or LLC) to preferential forms (obtaining the status of a virtual zone or registering a company in a free industrial zone).
Based on your request, qualified tax lawyers will draw up a full-fledged expert opinion as soon as possible, indicating the proper procedure for doing business. We are fully responsible for the information provided and, as a last resort, we will represent your interests in tax disputes with the government agencies.


Our experienced tax advisors can:

  • Advice on controversial tax issues;
  • Help find a way out of non-standard situations related to legislative norms;
  • Conduct a tax due diligence to identify risks for the company;
  • Check contracts, transactions and assess the likelihood of negative tax consequences;
  • Form the company’s tax policy based on the economic interests of the company.


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