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Buying ready IT-companies in the virtual zone

Buy a ready-made IT company in the virtual zone of Georgia

If you are in search of an effective solution for developing your business, optimizing taxes, preserving and increasing capital, then you should pay your attention to the opportunity to transfer your activities to the virtual zone. You have the opportunity to buy a ready-made IT-business in Georgia in the shortest possible time.

Companies with virtual status in Georgia are almost completely tax-free and have a large number of advantages that you can read about on our website.

Buying a ready-made company is the best solution in a crisis when you need to act as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Learn more about the existing companies:

  • Registration date ‒ 2020;
  • Type of activity ‒ IT sphere;
  • Type of company ‒ Limited Liability Company;
  • Bank account ‒ yes, at TBC bank;
  • Legal address ‒ yes, indefinitely;
  • Presence of the certificate of legal entity a virtual zone ‒ yes;
  • Doing activities ‒ no (without flow);
  • Price ‒ 1800 $.

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