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For those who want to open an IT company on the territory of Georgia, first of all, you need to go through the registration process – you can also go through it remotely, but if you already have a company, then you can send us an electronic registration certificate and we will help you get the status of a virtual zone resident at the Ministry of Finance of Georgia.

If you have not yet registered your company, then we will provide you with a turnkey service – from opening a company to obtaining the required certificate.

Companies with the status of a virtual zone of Georgia are taxed under a preferential system, which allows online businesses to develop faster and more efficiently. Under the law on preferential taxation for an IT company in Georgia, since 2011, it has become possible to develop its own software, support sites, develop mobile applications, and other activities within this industry.

Registration of an IT company in Tbilisi or another city in Georgia is a simple and quick process. And the benefits provided by the state make the country attractive for entrepreneurs from all over the world. In fact, after receiving the status of a virtual zone of Georgia, your company will be completely exempt from VAT and income tax.

In fact, a resident of the virtual zone pays only:

5% tax on withdrawn dividends and income tax in case of payment of salaries

In this regard, we can say that such a tax regime is very convenient for those developers of IT products who cooperate with various international clients and customers who are located in different parts of the world. At the same time, the registration of an IT company in Georgia is in demand due to the fact that there is no need to obtain permits and a license to operate.


You can open a company remotely by power of attorney, which we will provide you in a convenient language.

Preparation of the charter, notarization of the perpetual legal address, and payment of all registration fees are included in the business registration service by Jara Accounting.

This condition is mandatory, since an application for the status of a virtual zone is submitted precisely on the basis of the login and password of the tax office.

Officially, the application must be reviewed within 10 working days; in practice, the Ministry of Finance assigns a virtual status up to a calendar month.

In the process of registering the IT status of your business, Jara Accounting specialists also open a multi-currency current account of the company in a bank convenient for you.


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