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Legally competent specialists will answer all questions in any language that suits you.

You will receive a response to your request within 30 minutes.

Our professional liability is insured for 200,000 GEL.

Over 12 years of financial and tax experience.

All required financial reports on the movement of funds of the company are available online.

The company’s specialists will ensure complete anonymity for your business starting with your application.


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Business Incorporation in Georgia

Ready turnkey solution

You do not need to spend time studying the bureaucratic requirements of Georgian legislation – the time for registering a business for you will be from 0 to 30 minutes. In a day you will have the opportunity to accept money into your bank account.

Virtual zone IT-companies formation

Legal tax incentives

Registering a business in the virtual zone of Georgia will almost completely exempt your IT company from taxes. And we will help you register the company and provide an unlimited legal address in Georgia.

Accounting in Georgia

Electronic accounting and filing

Be calm about the state of accounting, the correct calculation of taxes and the timeliness of filing tax returns. Our qualified accountants make monthly entries to the cloud storage, which is also available to you online.

IE with 1% Tax For Freelancers

Remote solution of all issues

Contact Jara Accounting specialists to understand what status can be assigned to your business and we will help you with the monthly filing of income and expense returns and calculate the tax correctly.

Georgian bank account

Absolute confidentiality

Any company that enters the Georgian market needs to open an account in a Georgian bank in order to gain access to all the necessary tools to conduct a full-fledged entrepreneurial activity. We will help you open an account in Georgian bank.

Residence permit and real estate

We will do everything for you

If you decide to buy real estate or obtain a residence permit in Georgia and are not familiar with the intricacies of the country’s legislation, it is better to contact Jara Accounting professionals. We will help you collect all the necessary documents for registration.



For a free consultation request a callback. Specify your data in the form and one of our experts will contact you within the hour.


    Georgian taxation
    Georgian taxation

    Georgian taxation

    • 24/09/2021

    To successfully run your business, you need to be well versed in Georgian taxation and fill out the declarations correctly. The entire area of taxation is controlled by the Tax Code and regulated by legislative acts.

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    • Sergey Alekseev Avatar
      Sergey Alekseev

      This company was recommended by my friend who opened an IE in Georgia. He said they respond quickly in Telegram and he liked the service. I can confirm. Anna was answering immediately. During several consultancies she provided me all necessary info and comprehensive answers to my numerous question regarding nuances of IE, companies, tax statuses and taxes. Looking forward to further collaboration with Jara Accounting at the same level of professionalism. - 9/08/2021

    • Ekaterina Mikhaylova Avatar
      Ekaterina Mikhaylova

      I needed to register an individual entrepreneur in Georgia a couple of months ago, and I decided to contact Jara Accounting to be sure that everything would be clear and correct. Theo, a very pleasant and professional girl, helped me. The registration process itself did not take more than an hour (along with the road to the House of Justice). Theo filled out all the necessary applications in advance and enrolled us in the electronic queue, so we were accepted very quickly. Everything went very easily and comfortably. And this month we filed our first tax return, and that went smoothly too! Anna, an accounting specialist, helped me figure out all the nuances and gave me useful recommendations. Thank you for your help and care, dear Jara! 👍🏼 Great job! - 9/01/2021

    • Alexander Mazhinski Avatar
      Alexander Mazhinski

      The best company I had and have pleasure working with! They helped me register as a private entrepreneur and they helped me do that step-by-step via Whatsapp/Telegram which is super convenient. They are also located in many cities in Georgia, not only in Tbilisi, but I was in Batumi, for example, and they have lawyers here who helped me with everything needed. I can highly recommend Mariam, she was the one that helped me in Batumi. She is super friendly, very helpful, very knowledgable and even gave me a ride home when heavy rain has started.

      They go above and beyond and help you even after you are already registered with any question you might have, they reply in seconds with great quality of each reply. If you want to register as individual entrepreneur or open a company in Georgia, think no more and go to Jara Accounting. I can highly recommend it!

      P.S. You can check my profile to see that I'm real person and I'm in Batumi now.
      - 8/18/2021

    • Igor Zelikovsky Avatar
      Igor Zelikovsky

      A team of professionals who know their job. We established an IE and were very pleased. - 8/15/2021

    • Vitaliy Bychik Avatar
      Vitaliy Bychik

      Worked with this company on the recommendation of a friend. I opened an IE in Georgia remotely. The impressions are the most positive: detailed instructions, answers to my questions were given very quickly (we communicated in WhatsApp and Telegram), everything was done professionally. I will recommend it to my colleagues. - 7/21/2021

    • Peter Sostack Avatar
      Peter Sostack

      Very professional and very easy to work with.
      I started with email contact, and the response was very fast, and very clear talk. So I had a good feeling about the company before going to Tbilisi. I decided to go and do the paperwork here in person.
      With the help of Jara accounting, it was very easy. The after support is as good as the company formation. They have a very good system in place, which makes life as business owner so much easier.
      I recommend everybody to start business in Georgia, and at the same time I recommend Jara accounting
      - 7/06/2021

    • Oleg Kuzmenko Avatar
      Oleg Kuzmenko

      I turned to the company with a request to register as an individual entrepreneur in Georgia with an active account in a bank and everything to do business. Within 1 day we agreed, made a power of attorney, called a courier, sent, and after a couple of days already received digital copies confirming the work performed. At the moment, I am waiting for the envelope with paper documents back, throughout the entire time I was in touch and promptly resolved all issues, a very positive experience. - 5/17/2021

    • I V Avatar
      I V

      They helped me with starting a business in Georgia. A very good company - they consulted me in detail, walked me through all the stages, explained all the legal points. There were questions with the notary - we found a way out very quickly. Always in touch and answer any questions. On occasion, I will contact them again. - 3/22/2021

    • Dmitry Ivanov Avatar
      Dmitry Ivanov

      Jara Accounting provides perfect service: quick response, problem solving, great result! - 2/23/2021

    • Daria Boytsova Avatar
      Daria Boytsova

      Thank you for the detailed free consultation and recommendations on the registration of an individual entrepreneur, as well as filing documents for a residence permit. Everything is on point, without unnecessary "water" - 2/19/2021

    • Natalia Drobysheva Avatar
      Natalia Drobysheva

      I am very grateful to Jara Accounting, Director Anna, and the entire Jara team. We applied for a company registration service in Georgia during the quarantine period. Everything was done. There is always a plan B in case of a government failure. Everything went without delay, everything was registered, the accounts were opened. At the moment, the company provides us with accounting services, all reports have been submitted, taxes have been charged and paid. The documents were delivered on time and in full compliance with the legislation of Georgia. We receive business support and advice on both labor law and tax law and banking transactions. Jara is truly the best partner for us and for all who have applied on the territory of Georgia.
      With gratitude and respect for the work of Jara
      - 2/15/2021

    • Marina Gruzdeva Avatar
      Marina Gruzdeva

      Great company! Jara Accounting employees are real professionals. Thanks a lot to Anna and her team for a quick solution to our problem and for good advice. I recommend 100%. - 2/14/2021

    • Ernie Flot Avatar
      Ernie Flot

      The best account company!
      If you are thinking to open a business in Georgia, definitely do it with this company. The whole process was very easy and they took care of all heavy paperwork. I'm glad to have worked with them.
      - 2/11/2021

    • Sergey K Avatar
      Sergey K

      Used Jara Accounting services, very satisfied with the quality! The prices for the services were initially good, I immediately agreed, but in the process of work, they made another discount on their initiative. Service at the highest level. We completed more than was announced in the original terms of the contract. All tasks that depended directly on Jara Accounting were carried out instantly, and even issues that depended on third parties, Jara Accounting tried to speed up as much as possible. Many thanks to Anna Fedorova, who was always in touch, delved into the problems in great detail, and gave them various solutions with explanations of the pros and cons of each option. I would also like to express special gratitude to Anna Metreveli, who promptly solved my problems even during an illness! I recommend Jara Accounting to everyone, save money, time, and nerves! - 12/02/2020

    • Egor Pushkarev Avatar
      Egor Pushkarev

      I recommend this company to anyone who wants to get high-quality accounting and related services in Georgia. Thank you for your help! I will apply only to you now! - 11/23/2020

    • Alon Rakhamimov Avatar
      Alon Rakhamimov

      Great company! Anna explained in a very accessible and prompt manner all the information for collecting documents. A very correct consultation on all the nuances was carried out! They are always in touch and answer everything, even sometimes annoying questions)) the company was opened without delay)) I highly recommend using their services !! - 11/20/2020

    • Natalia Kirillova Avatar
      Natalia Kirillova

      I would like to thank the staff of Jara Accounting, and especially Anna, for their competent and clear approach to their work. I am glad that there is an opportunity to receive complete information on taxation and reporting issues, both for legal entities and individuals. I would especially like to note the responsible approach to any non-standard situations. I hope our cooperation will be long-term! I highly recommend this company! - 11/17/2020

    • Maia Tsitskishvili Avatar
      Maia Tsitskishvili

      I am delighted to cooperate with JARA Accounting, as Quality and professionalism are the core values Describes the Company. Always available to contact and clarify issues. Cloud Based Business tools gives the evidence of your business and cost optimization processes. That's my Pleasure to give review and recommend JARA for your successful Businesses. - 11/17/2020

    • Neliko Kechkhoshvili Avatar
      Neliko Kechkhoshvili

      Jara Accounting company provides accounting and tax services for our company since march 2019.
      It is really rare to find an accounting firm that combines competency and dedication as well as they do. The way they make everything so simple for us and their cost are the best parts of their service.
      - 11/11/2020

    • Ira Yapanda Avatar
      Ira Yapanda

      I would like to thank Jara Accounting and personally Anna Fedorova for advice on taxation. I could not fully clarify the issue of royalties and freelance earnings, but Anna helped to figure it out and, moreover, made clarifications directly to the tax service. It remains to bring the matter to the end, I count on the help of Jara Accounting in filling out the declaration for the first time, to be sure. Thanks! - 6/09/2020

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