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Accounting and financial services


Having your own accountant in Tbilisi is not a luxury, but a necessity if you are a business owner in Georgia. Accounting, accounting, and financial services for individual entrepreneurs, LLCs, JSCs, as well as remote accounting in Tbilisi from qualified accountants Jara Accounting, will help you focus on business development, not thinking about filing returns and invoicing.

Your personal accountant in Georgia will be in touch every day through any messenger convenient for you. Help to understand Georgian taxes, take over the restoration of accounting in Tbilisi, Georgia, prepare initial accounting – our specialists will perform all this efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

Accounting in Georgia is a mandatory requirement of the tax legislation of the country. Regular filing of tax returns and a monthly payment of calculated taxes are also mandatory.


A key element of accounting in Georgia is the software used. At the moment, there are only a few fairly old-fashioned offline accounting solutions in the country. Most freelance accountants use simple Excel spreadsheets.

Jara Accounting offers its clients accounting and financial services in electronic form using a modern cloud solution, the interface of which is in Georgian and English.


Any company in Georgia is obliged to comply with the requirements for paying taxes and filing financial statements, as well as keep all information for 6 years. To prepare financial statements, you need to know the Tax Code of Georgia and very carefully fill out all the documentation related to the financial activities of the company. Any mistake or inaccuracy can lead to fines or more serious consequences if something was overlooked when filing reports. To prevent this, we offer you the services of our specialists who will control and fill out all reports for you.


Business support is an important part of the success of even the smallest company, especially when opening your company in another country. Foreign entrepreneurs in Georgia are faced with the difficulties of the tax system, misunderstanding of the reporting procedure, the specifics of interaction with contractors, banks, and various government agencies. Sometimes even a conversation with mobile operators and attempts to create a number for a company may fail due to insufficient knowledge of the language and peculiarities of the legislation.
Full-fledged business support will allow you to unload your resources since we will undertake the execution of employment contracts, management of personal affairs, litigation, and the conclusion of transactions in Georgia. It is always difficult for one person to keep everything in his head, while simultaneously solving many operational issues. Jara Accounting specialists will do this with the help of a team and free up your time to concentrate on business development.


It is important for us to find an ideal solution for you, identify all your needs, and develop the most convenient cooperation mechanism. To get a free consultation in the form of an interview on the main issues, please fill out an application and indicate the time when it will be convenient for you to receive a call.