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According to the current legislation, a labor residence permit gives the right to carry out entrepreneurial and labor activities. Any foreigner can get it, including a representative of the free profession.


A foreigner who works or conducts business in Georgia and whose monthly income is five times the minimum wage (about GEL 1000).

Important! The turnover of the employer’s company or the company in which the foreigner is the founder must exceed 100,000 lari per year, of which 50,000 lari must be accounted for for each foreigner employed in the company. For companies in the field of medicine and education, turnover is at least 35,000 lari per year.

That is, if, for example, you registered an individual entrepreneur, only after reaching a turnover of 50,000 lari, you can apply for a temporary labor residence permit.


  1. Statement;
  2. Copy of your international passport;
  3. A copy of the document confirming your legal presence on the territory of Georgia (stamp on crossing the border);
  4. A document confirming income (a) an employment contract b) a bank statement or income declaration for an individual entrepreneur with a small status;
  5. Extract from the tax office on the company’s income for the year;
  6. Photo 3 \ 4.

You can register an application for a residence permit remotely, you just need to fill out a spreadsheet and attach electronic documents. After that, it is imperative to notify the operator of your desire to obtain a residence permit.

It is important to know: After filling out the electronic application within 10 days, it is necessary to provide physical documents to the Agency. All documents must be translated into Georgian and certified by a notary.

To obtain an already issued residence permit (binadroba), you must personally come to the House of Justice. It is impossible to receive a document by power of attorney.


for 30 calendar days the fee = 210 GEL;
for 20 calendar days the fee = 330 GEL;
for 10 calendar days fee = 410 lari.

If you own a business or plan to open it on the territory of the country, we will help you not only in registering and supporting business activities but also collecting all the necessary documents and accompanying at all stages of obtaining a labor residence permit. Fill out the form below to get a free consultation.


Fill out the form below to get a calculation of the cost of the service for obtaining a residence permit in Georgia.

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