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When opening a business in Georgia and hiring employees – both residents and non-residents – it is necessary to work out the details of labor contracts based on the requirements of Georgian legislation to avoid any labor disputes. Errors and offenses in labor relations between the employer and employees are inevitable. They arise most often because not everyone is familiar with the legislation in detail and each situation is unique.
Our vast experience in the field of labor relations allows us to solve the various problems that may arise successfully. Jara Accounting’s specialists will help you every step of the way – with the preparation, correction, and approval of bilingual labor documentation. This includes not only labor contracts and statements but also, for example, non-disclosure agreements with employees, etc.


Cases in which you may need a consultation service on Georgian labor law for employers:

  • Assistance in creating a complete package of documents for employees;
  • Consultation on the correct application of Georgian labor law;
  • Audit of HR documentation;
  • Creation of written opinions on the subject of legality and compliance with the labor legislation of Georgia;
  • Protection of the employer’s interests in court in the event of a labor dispute.

Jara Accounting lawyers will undertake all obligations related to the relationship between employer and employee within the framework of Georgian labor law. You will not need to independently study Georgian legislation to competently develop the documentation, sort out disputes, and hire or fire employees.


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