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VTB Georgia is in the top five largest banks in Georgia. In addition, among all 15 banks in Georgia, VTB shows the greatest loyalty to non-residents who own a business in Georgia or even abroad.

Regardless of citizenship, any individual or corporate client can easily open an account with VTB and enjoy all the benefits that the bank offers to its clients:

  • Multiplecurrency account;
  • Credit programs;
  • Bank cards;
  • Online banking;
  • Remote account management;
  • Mobile and SMS banking.

Despite the fact that the main language is Georgian, the operators speak English and Russian, and the interface of the personal account on the bank’s website can be switched to English for your convenience.

VTB also offers unique services:

  • Interaction with an ATM without a card, but using an SMS code. You can withdraw and deposit money even if you do not have a card with you.
  • Convenient transfer of funds from card to card and Visa and Mastercard of any of the banks in Georgia.

The Video Bank service allows you to receive full-fledged banking services remotely. It is enough to go to the website and the operator will be able to help you carry out: money transfer, currency conversion, registration in online banking and password recovery, blocking and unblocking of a bank card, filling out a loan application, opening, and closing a deposit.


Current accountCost
Opening a current accountGEL 10,00
Contribution of money to the account of rubles3% of the amount
Cash withdrawal from accountGEL 0.2% min. 1 GEL
Cash withdrawal from a foreign currency account 0,6%
Exchange of damaged banknotes4%
Transfers in GEL to other banks in Georgia0.07% min. 1 GEL
Transfers in USD0.2% min. 15 USD
Transfers in EUR0,2% min. 15 EUR
Payment insurance in currency25 USD/EUR
Multicurrency business card
Opening75 GEL
Valid2 years
Card recovery30 GEL
PIN code change1 GEL
cashing in VTB ATMs0.2% min. 1 GEL 0.3% min 1 USD / EUR
cashing in ATMs of partner banks0.5% min. 1 GEL / USD / EUR
cashing at ATMs of other banks in Georgia2.5% min 7 GEL, 3.5 USD / EUR / GBP or 150 RUR
cashing out abroad at VTB Group ATMs0.5%, min. 1.5 GEL / USD / EUR / GBP or 45 RUR
cashless paymentsFree

Contact our specialists – who will be able to explain to you all the requirements of the bank and tell you about the documents you need to open an account.


Fill out the form below to get a calculation of the cost of the service for opening an account with VTB Bank.

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