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Turnkey registration of a company (House of Justice, tax, bank) with beneficiaries from different countries


Remote registration of a company with beneficiaries from Russia and Greece.


In the process of preparing documents for remote registration of a business – a limited liability company with two beneficiaries, individuals, one of whom lives in Russia, and the second partner – in Greece, two sets of documents were formed – in Russian and Greek. The future owners issued documents based on the model of Jara Accounting with notaries in their countries and sent them by express mail. Greece was required to apostille documents. Upon registration with Justice, a package of documents for TBC Bank was similarly drawn up, the company’s multicurrency account was opened within three working days from the date of receipt of multilingual documents in Georgia.


Translation and certification of documents during a pandemic from Greek into Georgian within 2 working days.


Remote registration of a company and a bank account with multilingual beneficiaries within 8 working days from the receipt of documents in Georgia.


August 2020

Регистрация бизнеса и бухгалтерское обслуживание в Грузии

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