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Restoration of tax and accounting of the Call-center


Restoration of the accounting program, verification, and correction of tax returns for a company whose main activity is the provision of outsourcing Call Center services for a year of active financial activity.


On the basis of a bank statement, all operations of the company were analyzed, the specificity of which from the point of view of tax accounting is the processing of more than 30 monthly salary payments, the preparation of income and pension declarations. In fact, the company did not keep accounting records, and taxes on accrued salaries were transferred according to approximate calculations to a single tax account without filing any declarations, pension declarations were not submitted either, despite the fact that some of the employees are citizens of Georgia under the age of 45 years old. During the working week, all of the company’s operations were restored in cloud accounting, the necessary returns were filed and late fees paid.


Lack of primary documentation and a fundamental understanding of the process of its registration on the part of the Client.


Restored tax and accounting, elimination of the risk of a tax audit.


September 2020

Регистрация бизнеса и бухгалтерское обслуживание в Грузии

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