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Registration of a company – producer of alcoholic beverages, obtaining permits, and excise taxes.


It was necessary to choose the optimal form of business for the manufacturer of strong alcoholic beverages and obtain all the necessary permits.


Within two working days, the constituent documents were prepared and the optimal form of the company for the producer of alcoholic beverages was registered – a limited liability company. The Tax Service calculated the amount of excise taxes on the basis of data on the strength of several types of products and their sales price, accompanied by employees of Jara Accounting, an audit of production was carried out, on the successful result of which excise stamps were ordered and issued.


The process was complicated by the company – the manufacturer of excise stamps, which has a unique right to issue them; the terms of their registration and transfer were grossly violated.


Legalized production of strong alcoholic beverages in Georgia.


June-July 2020

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