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Налог у источника в Грузии

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

Many companies in Georgia use the services of non-residents and foreign companies. In this case, when working together, obligations to pay the tax deducted at source may arise. In this article, we will analyze in which cases you will have to pay this tax in Georgia.

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Fines in the tax sphere in Georgia

Competent accounting support of the business, correct preparation of reports and their timely submission to regulatory authorities ensure the safety of the company in financial terms. If declarations are submitted on time and taxes are paid in due time, you will not face fines in the tax sphere in Georgia.

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Налог на дивиденды в Грузии

Dividend Tax in Georgia

In Georgia, starting from 2017, legal companies have the right not to pay profit tax if they invest in business development. Read more about what tax on dividends in Georgia.

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