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Как получить гражданство Грузии

How to get Georgian citizenship

The passport of a citizen of Georgia is in the 36th place in the world according to data for 2021 and opens the borders of 116 countries where you can enter without a visa. Among the states that are friendly towards the citizens of Georgia are the EU countries and almost all the CIS countries, Turkey and Iran. Georgia for obtaining a 2nd citizenship and moving is considered not only by immigrants from the post-Soviet region but also by residents of Europe and America. In this article, we will explain the main advantages of a Georgian passport and how to obtain Georgian citizenship.

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Истории успеха «Инвестируй в Грузию»

“Invest in Georgia” success stories

Georgia is a country that is open to any foreign investment and encourages investors in every possible way. Laws and government create a comfortable environment for foreign investment earnings. The main driving force for attracting foreign investment is the investment department of Enterprise Georgia. They are directly involved in attracting, promoting, and developing foreign direct investment in Georgia. Invest in Georgia are moderators between foreign investors and the government of the country. In this article, we will look at the main “Invest in Georgia” success stories.

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Как попасть в Грузию в 2021 году

How to arrive in Georgia in 2021

* The article is regularly updated

Georgia opened its air borders on February 1, 2021, and restored regular international air traffic. The government has eased tough curfew rules (from July 1, 2020, you can go outside at night), and almost all tourist attractions and organizations work all week. Land borders have been open since June 1. The flow of foreign visitors increased by 180% compared to last year. We have collected for you all the relevant information on how to get to Georgia in 2021. We will tell you in detail what needs to be done in order not to violate regulations and not pay fines.

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Продажа земли иностранцам в Грузии

Sale of land for foreigners in Georgia

The purchase of a real estate in the form of land in Georgia by foreigners is a promising and profitable investment for a number of reasons: the value of land in the country is growing steadily from year to year, for investments of $ 100,000 or more you can get a residence permit, agriculture and tourism are the most profitable spheres of the country’s economy. A land plot in Georgia does not require additional investments for maintenance in the form of payment for utilities or rent, which will allow you to take your time after purchase and wait for the best moment to build or implement other plans. The sale of land for foreigners in Georgia is not directly possible, but land can be leased.

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Недвижимость в Грузии

Real estate in Georgia

With an unstable financial situation in the country or the world, the purchase of real estate is always the most profitable and reliable investment. The main thing is to choose the right country for the investment to work for you. In this article we will analyze why buying real estate in Georgia is a strategically correct decision, and why a spare apartment or house abroad is your irreplaceable insurance in case of problems.

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Инвестиционная привлекательность Грузии

Investment attractiveness of Georgia

Photo: Katya Ostrovskaya

Georgia is a real example of the fact that radical reforms can bear fruit. From year to year, this small country proves to the whole world that it is real to change the situation and reach the top of all world rankings. This year was no exception for Georgia, and traditionally the country has risen by a couple of lines. The investment attractiveness of Georgia is also determined by the fact that, unlike countries such as Singapore, the USA, New Zealand, Norway, Great Britain, South Korea, and other world business powers, Georgia is the only country where it is possible to stay for an almost unlimited amount of time without a visa – you only need once to cross the border a year.

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Why do investors choose Georgia?

Why do investors choose Georgia?

The Government of Georgia is taking active measures to attract foreign investments in promising business areas. This is done in order to accelerate economic growth, increase exports, and reduce vulnerability to external factors. That is why Georgia is now known not only as of the most popular tourist destination but also as a country for profitable investments. Why investors choose Georgia will be explained in more detail in this article.

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