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11 преимуществ регистрации компании в Грузии в 2021 году

11 advantages of registering a company in Georgia in 2021

The main task of successful entrepreneurs is to increase the efficiency of their business. For this, standard measures within one country are not always sufficient. To optimize taxation and place your company in a pleasant investment environment, you can choose another jurisdiction with a good reputation. For the last 5 years, among the most promising countries for business, Georgia has been holding leading positions in all world ratings of ease of doing business. In addition, Georgia does not participate in the automatic exchange of tax information according to the CRS standard, and after confirmation of substance, a non-resident can easily open an account with a local bank. What other 11 advantages of registering a company in Georgia in 2021 are, we will tell in this article.

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Кто такой бенефициар в грузинском законодательстве

Who is the beneficiary in Georgian legislation?

A citizen of any country can become a beneficiary of a Georgian company. But it is more difficult for foreign-owned companies to get a corporate bank account in Georgia. In addition, it is important to understand the specifics of paying taxes using international agreements on the avoidance of double taxation in relation to the beneficiary and his country of residence. In this article, we will take a closer look at who the beneficiary is in Georgian legislation and explain the basic concepts associated with this status.

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Каким бизнесом заняться в Грузии нерезидентам в 2021 году

What kind of business to do in Georgia for non-residents in 2021

In the CIS, everything is complicated with medium and small businesses. An unstable political regime, constant checks, corruption – all this significantly spoils the life of novice businessmen. In Europe, taxes are such that it is risky to start a business without huge start-up capital. Exactly between Europe and Asia, there is a country with loyal taxes and a comfortable business environment – Georgia. The Georgian government, despite its post-Soviet past and difficult present, does its best to create better conditions for small and medium-sized businesses. It is easy to start and run a business in the country, including non-residents. At the same time, it is important to understand that Georgia is interested not only in itself, it is also an excellent entry point to promising markets in Asia and Europe. In this article, we will look at why Georgia is a promising country for entrepreneurs and what kind of business to do in Georgia for non-residents in 2021.

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Номинальный сервис и его особенности в Грузии

Nominee service and its features in Georgia

Entrepreneurs, due to various circumstances, are not always able or willing to advertise their business in another country. Non-resident businessmen often need confidentiality. Due to the fact that it is not forbidden to hide the real identity of the owner and director of a company in Georgia and offshore zones, businessmen from the EU and the CIS often resort to nominal service. This not only helps to hide information about the real owner of the business but also allows the director with local citizenship to take advantage of government programs and profitably optimize taxation. In this article, we will analyze the concept of nominee service and its features in Georgia.

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Регистрация инвестиционной компании в Грузии

Registration of an investment company in Georgia

An investment company is a fairly popular way to increase capital among entrepreneurs. Experienced and successful businessmen prefer profitable money invested to generate income. But the requirements for such organizations from the state are much greater due to the risk of fraud. Foreign investment companies or funds are checked especially carefully. Therefore, the registration of an investment company in Georgia is suitable for professionals who have some experience in the stock market. In this article, we will analyze in detail the registration process and taxation features applicable to investment companies in this country.

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Позиция Грузии в рейтинге Doing Business 2020

Position of Georgia in the Doing Business 2020 ranking

When choosing a country for registering a business, you need to determine your priorities, do not forget about operating costs, and understand the peculiarities of the legislation and the country’s taxation system. In countries with the most favorable business environment, a balance of stability and costs is maintained. Key indicators of ease of doing business are taken into account in the annual Doing Business ranking, thanks to which entrepreneurs from all over the world can evaluate and choose the countries that are suitable for their companies. In this article, we will analyze what is the position of Georgia in the Doing Business 2020 rating and why.

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Юридическая консультация в Грузии

Legal services in Georgia

Business owners sooner or later need the help of a qualified lawyer. And the sooner you apply for it, the better because preliminary legal advice is much more pleasant than resolving a dispute in court. It will be quite difficult for you to understand the legal intricacies on your own without special education, and it is doubly difficult to understand the features of the legislation of another country, especially if you and your business are in different states. In this article, we will analyze in detail what legal advice in Georgia consists of and what problems you can avoid by contacting specialists on time. 

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правильно ликвидировать бизнес в Грузии

Closing an LLC: how to properly liquidate a business in Georgia

There is no approved list of reasons why entrepreneurs come to a decision to voluntarily liquidate an LLC. But, more often this happens when the business does not generate income, the project period and financing have expired, critical errors in the accounting statements were discovered, or market changes dictate new rules. Regardless of the reasons, correctly liquidating a business in Georgia is a long and rather complicated legal process, all stages that can be passed remotely by power of attorney. We have compiled step-by-step instructions for you, where everything is in order. 

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